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Executions at Beverly Ford

Narrated by George Levy and Robert Marcus.

length 4:54 view manuscripts

The Mortal Presidency

He is head of state, Commander-in-chief, and the country's top legislator. The President of the United States has arguably the toughest job in America, and it turns out, the most deadly...

length 4:47

American Travelers to the Holy Land in the 19th Century

The vision of the Holy Land in 19th-century America derived from religious and cultural sentiment, encouraged by the experiences of a few groups: missionaries, pilgrims and tourists, explorers, settlers, and consular officers, all of whom had different motives...

length 4:36

Lincoln's Last Days

A country divided, battered, exhausted - limping towards the end of the bloodiest war in American history. Abraham Lincoln, as often was the case during his presidency, is under threat. John Wilkes Booth, a famous actor and Confederate sympathizer is planning an attack with other conspirators that will change the course of the nation.

length 4:53 view manuscripts