Albert Einstein: Original Letters in Aid of His Brethren

Beverly Hills Public Library, Beverly Hills, CA

November 2008 - February 2009


1. Einstein and the Holocaust

2. A Jewish Homeland

3. Philosophy, Religion, and Jewish Identity

4. Appendix

Albert Einstein saved his energy, and the use of his fame, for two things: Understanding the laws of nature was one, and aiding his Jewish brethren – who so needed a homeland and a refuge from the horrors of Hitler – was the other. These letters - some handwritten, some typed and signed - reflect his passionate commitment to the survival of the Jewish people. Most remarkable, perhaps, is that in this work, running what he called his own kind of “immigration office,” Einstein personally saved hundreds of Jewish lives from Hitler’s persecution and death camps. He was also concerned with the creation of a homeland for his people and in building a University in Jerusalem. This virtual exhibit includes some select items that were displayed at the original exhibition.